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Industrial burner systems for thermal processing plant

More than 40 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of industrial thermal process equipment.

SEIBOLD+COMTHERM GmbH offer our customers customised and standard-compliant solutions in accordance with customer-specific requirements at the cutting edge of technology.

We supply new plants for various industrial sectors as well as for rebuilds and modernisation of old plants.

In addition to the use of conventional fuels such as natural gas and light oil, we have practical experience in the use of special fuels such as sewage gases and hydrogen.

We offer:
  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Rebuilds and modernisation
  • Spares
  • Service


Dr.-Ing. Susanne Seibold

Managing director

+49 (0)7181 26933-11

DIPL.-ING. Markus Wübbelsmann

Sales Director Germany
Expert for gas pressure regulating and metering stations

+49 (0)7181 26933-21

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Gas burner, electronic gas/air compound, Seibold+Comtherm GmbH, drying, industrial burner systems

Drying of powder-coated parts

Burner: Comtherm PC 1
Fuel: natural gas
Control: electronic gas-air ratio control
Power: 300 KW
Temperature: 270 °C

Glass recycling

Burner type: Comtherm PH-HC
Fuel: natural gas H
Control: temperature-controlled continuous gas control
Capacity: 2000 KW
Temperature: 250 °C
Special features:
Design according to NFPA 86, ProfiNet, continuous operation

Drying of building materials

Burner type: 21 Comtherm PH
Fuel: natural gas H
Control: temperature-controlled continuous gas control
Capacity: 600 – 2,800 KW
Temperature: 5 – 300 °C
Special features: ProfiNet, continuous operation


Oil burner

Oil Duct Burner

Applications: Fertiliser drying and many more.
Burner type: SC
Fuel: oil
Control: temperature-controlled continuous control
Output: 50 – 1,600 KW
Temperature: 5 – 350 °C
Special features: Continuous operation, customer-specific monitoring and control


Duct burner ESX240


Burner type: ESX240 duct burner
Fuel: Natural gas H
Control: Electronic gas/air compound
Power: 7,000 KW
Temperature: 36 – 800 °C
BMS: Lamtec CMS and Siemens S7-1200
Special features: ProfiNet, continuous operation


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